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The S3 Mini became one of an army of "mini" phones that followed the trend. When the Galaxy S4 hit, Samsung had finally made it. The plasticky phone looked like a toy compared to rival HTC's gorgeous aluminum offerings, but it flooded buyers' senses with too many features to ignore -- including an IR blaster to act as a universal TV remote control. This is what happens when you slap an optical zoom lens onto the back of a phone.

Samsung Galaxy S (2010)

It was But it also proved Samsung's willingness to keep trying new ideas. The ruggedized GS4 spinoff expanded on the S4's core specs with a tougher exterior and physical navigation buttons, a water-resistant design -- unusual for -- and an underwater camera mode.

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It came in gray, bright orange and vivid blue. Samsung has released an Active every year since then, all the way up to this year's S8 Active.

History of Samsung Galaxy Note Series 2011-2018

Compared to the fresh feel of the Galaxy S4, the S5 was a nonessential upgrade that followed the exact same patterns. It was plastic sporting a fingerprint-rebuffing matte finish this time , with a fingerprint reader and heart-rate monitor. The double-barreled charger port was a proprietary mess. Most exciting: It was water-resistant. US carrier Sprint picked up this exclusive, which looked almost exactly like a pair of shoes I once had, and offered little other than that aesthetic to the S5.

Samsung Galaxy S3 smartphone unveiled

Here it sits on top of the S5 and the S5 Active at the bottom of the phone heap. Wow, finally. That's what we said when Samsung's beautiful, first fully metal phone emerged. And the S6 Edge, which had two curved sides? Double wow. It took an already excellent powerhouse and made it feel like an impossibly slim, luxe piece of hardware. High-end features like an octa-core processor and megapixel camera didn't hurt, either. This was Samsung telling the world it was ready for all-curve phones.

It had a large, curved 5. This special edition channeled Bruce Wayne's crime-fighting alter ego to promote the Batman video game Injustice: Gods Among Us. The all-black phone came with deep gold accents and a few themed software highlights, including a ringtone and Batman skins. Well, almost ready for all-curve phones. The S7 Edge used its much larger, curved screen to justify a higher price than the S7 as Samsung perfected the production process on its wraparound displays and glass. Samsung made only 2, of these devices for fans watching the Olympic Games in Brazil.

The sponsor also handed them out to the Games' 12, participating athletes. Talk about an overhaul. For the first time, both Galaxy models came with curved sides by default, a larger screen with whisper-thin bezels, and a fingerprint reader that moves from the now-nonexistent home button beneath the screen to an awkward spot on the back, beside the camera. A new button pops up on the side for Bixby, Samsung's brand-new voice assistant.

The Galaxy S9 is an excellent phone, but isn't much of an upgrade from the S8. Also, there's no portrait mode, and its battery life was a disappointment.

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The S9 Plus however has dual cameras that coordinate to take great portrait photos. Plus, it has a large vibrant screen, and its battery lasted 2 and a half hours longer than the S8. Hopefully Samsung will completely overhaul the design, as the current one is getting a bit stale. Are the Galaxy X and the rumored Galaxy S10 the same phone?! And if so, does that mean that the next major Galaxy phone will be foldable?

We'll know more in the next few months. Stay tuned. Don't show this again. Read more: Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 review: The original Galaxy S was unveiled in March It wasn't Samsung's first phone, but it was Samsung's first solid, well-made smartphone, and the first that managed to sell in substantial volumes. It came with a 4-inch x pixel display, up to 4GB of storage, and a 5-megapixel camera — very decent specs for a smartphone launched eight years ago.

The display size was upped to 4.

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It was also one of the first phones to come with NFC on board. The screen size had grown to 4. By , Roman numerals were out and standard numerical digits were in. The S4 arrived with 5-inch, x pixel screen, a megapixel camera, plus a whole host of software extras: Samsung was really adding everything it could think of on top of the Android OS at this stage, and not all of it was very useful. Still, extra points added for ambition at least.

Here's every Galaxy S phone since - CNET

Launched a mere four years ago, the S5 was a more refined and subtle upgrade than the S4, and was also the first Galaxy phone to offer IP67 water and dust resistance, and the first with a fingerprint reader. The screen size was upped to 5. It still had a removable battery too. It's not too difficult to cast your mind back to and the Galaxy S6 , the first to launch with an "Edge" model alongside it following on from the introduction of the Galaxy Note Edge in The main S6 and the S6 Edge phones came with a 5.

This remains one of the best Galaxy phones ever made. Just two years ago the 5. The 12MP cameras were the stars of the show on these phones, with excellent low light performance, and in making a phone ever better than the excellent S6, Samsung confirmed itself as a serious rival to Apple and the champion of Android phone makers. And we're almost right up to date with the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus, which of course introduced the Infinity Display concept and banished the bezels of the Galaxy flagships to the history books.

Screen sizes were 5. The fingerprint sensor could've been better positioned around the back, but you can't have everything. And we're now right up to date with the 5.

We've been treated to a few refinements from the S8 and S8 Plus, including an upgraded camera system, even smaller bezels, and