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  1. How to check if your ISP is lying about your broadband speed
  2. How to make sure you're getting the internet speeds you pay for
  3. How a Wi-Fi Speed Test Works
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You can then copy and paste the URL anywhere, be it in a document to save for reference next time, an email to share with someone else, etc. You'll need to have JavaScript enabled in whatever browser you're using to use the Comcast Speed Test.

Most computers are ready to go when it comes to using JavaScript. Like almost all internet speed tests, the Comcast Speed Test downloads and uploads a relatively small amount of test data and measures how long it takes to do so.

How to check if your ISP is lying about your broadband speed

Some simple math involving the size of the data packages, as well as the time they took to download or upload, provides a speed in Mbps. This test connects to the closest of 27 Comcast hosted, OOKLA powered, test servers to perform the test of your internet speed and latency. Once authorized, Internet Health Test will start its five-step process and scrutinize your Internet connection.

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It does take a little longer than others but it makes five different tests and it's ad-free. Xfinity Speed Test is a great little tool to help you check your Internet speed.

How to make sure you're getting the internet speeds you pay for

But a word of warning: It is a product produced by the Internet service provider Comcast. Owned by none other than Netflix, Fast.

A Closer Look at Speed Test from XFINITY

Verizon Speed Test is another very simple, yet effective Internet speed test site. Ookla Speedtest is one of the more popular Internet speed tests on the net. DSLReports provides a more in-depth speed test than others on this list.

How a Wi-Fi Speed Test Works

Cox Internet Speed Test is not just for Cox users, as you might expect. Download speed is the most important figure. It signifies how fast data download to your computer, measured in megabits per second. The test works by downloading multiple chunks of data to your computer, adjusting the size and the number of connections to download it as it goes. This maximizes the speed of your connection, ensuring it works at its fastest.

Popular Topics

This is usually slower than download speed, and not as advertised by internet service providers. The upload test works the same as the download test, just in the other direction. Your browser uploads chunks of data, with adjustments made to ensure it uses the full extent of your connection. Between them, the three tests will give a complete picture of how your Wi-Fi setup performs.

how to check wifi speed test on iphone or iPad

Read More. To get an accurate picture of your Wi-Fi speed you need to perform the speed test more than once. Speeds can be quite volatile. You could do the test twice in the same conditions and get different results. By doing it at least three times, perhaps over a series of days, you can create an average of the results. This gives you a more accurate reflection of your actual internet speed. One of the biggest factors affecting internet speeds is the number of your fellow users that are logged on at the same time. Your speed test results will reflect this. If you just want to test your overall speed, stick to off-peak hours for testing.

‎Speedtest by Ookla on the App Store

Image Credit: For this reason, you should try to maximize the bandwidth available to that device. Most of us have countless devices connected to our wireless networks, and the bandwidth from our internet connection is split between each of them. But there are many factors which can slow down a home network, often quite easily fixed. For best results, turn off or disconnect as many of your devices as you can. Or at least make sure that none are downloading or uploading large files.