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Simple Conclusion

The free version should be enough for most people. Voice Recorder such a generic name picks up things where Easy Voice Recorder left. It offers everything that the former offered but adds some more features. Now, you can also save your audio recordings in MP3 format which offers high audio quality. It comes with a microphone tool that will allow you to adjust the sensitivity of the recorder.

Where it really shines is the editing department. Voice Recorder will allow you to edit your voice recordings. This is useful when you want to remove parts that are boring and useless.

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The app will also allow you to listen to the final version before saving it. Also Read: On the downside, there is no auto-upload function for cloud storage, but you can always upload manually. Cannot remove quite parts automatically but offers the ability to cut any part manually, as discussed earlier. Voice Recorder offers everything that you may need out of your audio recorder except some features that can be taken care of manually.

Ability to edit voice recordings can be handy in several situations.

Here’s how to record calls on your Android phone

Parrot is probably the most beautiful as well as the most feature-rich audio recorder on the list. The UI is pleasing and makes using the app that much fun. The free version will allow you to use the speaker, mic or Bluetooth mic for recording. You can see calendar style icons on the recordings to help identify the date you recorded the lecture or meeting.

Best Voice Recorder Apps for Android

You can remove echo and background noise, and also control gain where you need more power. Supports different recording formats like previously mentioned apps. The can be set to stop and start automatically based on the sound threshold to skip silence parts during the recording period. It comes with some playback options like volume boost, bass boost, and preset reverb. The last one is for listening to recordings as if you were sitting in a small room or a large hall. Otter Voice Notes Price: Otter is a voice recorder for professionals.

Its feature set is mostly for business meetings and other more serious matters. It does the basics like recording, sharing, and playback. It also includes a transcription service, cloud storage, cross-platform support, and it even supports stuff like photos. The free version includes minutes of transcription per month. The premium subscription offers over 6, It's very powerful, but only if you really need stuff like cloud storage, transcriptions, and more powerful stuff like that. Snipback Price: Snipback is a different kind of voice recorder app. Like most voice recorder apps, it performs the basics.

It also has some other features like audio quality selections, recording duration selections, and a noise reduction filter. What makes it unique is the ability to recapture up to 30 seconds of audio from before you started recording. It could drain a bit of extra batter, but it's still pretty neat. Voice Recorder Price: Voice Recorder is a fairly standard and uninteresting voice recorder app. That may be its best feature. You can do the basics like record, trim your audio, export to MP3, save your recordings, playback old recordings, and share. That's all it does, basically. You can do some stuff like adjust the sample rate, but most of the app is straightforward.

This is a decent option for people who just want something simple and free to record something. Those who want something more powerful have a whole list here to reference. This one just records audio and outputs it for your use.

Wrapping Up: Best Voice Recorder Apps

It does contain ads. Voice Recorder Pro Price: Thankfully, Voice Recorder is a better app than its bland name would imply. It is a fully featured app that likes to keep it simple. On top of that, the interface is easy to use, files are easy to find and manage, and this can be used to record phone calls if its device and OS supported. It also has other features such as a bitrate option and much more.

How To Record Secret Voice from Android Mobile

It's one of the more serviceable and simple voice recorder apps. Your phone's native voice recorder apps Price: The voice recorder apps on your phone are no slouch. For starters, they are always free. They're also already installed so it won't take up any more of your storage. They're generally simple with the basic features. That who want a good quality of call recording, you can try this Auto Call Recorder This app built to record in crystal clear voice for all incoming and outgoing calls.

The calls are recording in HD quality according to the developer , and work without the net connection to record calls. The Auto call recorder app provides all features for free , including password protection for recorded calls and overwriting on old records. This Android app can tell you the caller details when you receive the calls in the beginning.

Top 10 Best Voice Recorder Apps for Android | Free Voice Recording Apps

The simple interface also incorporates the incoming or outgoing call duration while recording the calls. The unique feature of this app is the backup and restore features of all Android contact list in one touch. One of the free App to record phone calls from PlayStore that records incoming and outgoing calls automatically without pressing any additional button. This phone recorder is completely free and works with Android phones version 2. Super call recorder app supports to play back the recorded voice right from the app instead of depending any media play to listed the recorded voice call later.

You can export the recorded calls to SD card if you want to save memory or transport the call records to PC. Download from PlayStore. This Call Recorder Android app is recording calls locally on your phone memory. The user has manual and auto recording options to control recording. By default with auto call recording, this app will record incoming and outgoing calls with unknown numbers and also the numbers, not in your contact list.

10 best voice recorder apps for Android

However, you can select manually to record incoming or outgoing calls for the numbers that already saved in your contact list. This app makes your life easy by organizing these phone recording by date or contact. This app lets you bookmark in between a call recording and add notes over there to refer later. When you want to record all incoming and outgoing calls on your Android phone, this Android app can serve you better.

This Automatic Call Recorder app can automatically record calls on your phone to listen to them later. You can sync these recorded phone calls with cloud apps, share with email or MMS to your friends. Call Recorder application can enable or disable call recording, record all your phone calls. This phone recording app offers you to lock the recordings on your phone to prevent the records from deleting.

The premium version of this phone recorder lets you upload all your voice recording to Dropbox or Google Drive. The protection feature is built to guard your privacy and secure your recordings.

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Smart Auto Call recorder is smart enough to detect the incoming and outgoing calls to start recording automatically.