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  1. Galaxy S10 Shows Samsung’s Big, Flashy Smartphone Future
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Galaxy S10 Shows Samsung’s Big, Flashy Smartphone Future

Press the trackball in to search for an application that meets your search criteria. Roll the trackball down to look through the applications.

If you find one you like, highlight it with the trackball and press the trackball in to select it. You can preview the application, read review, read ratings and download it to your device if it is something you like. To download the application, press the "Download" button.

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  • Step 1: Prepare for installation.
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The free version of this application comes standard on your BlackBerry, but this paid application allows you to not only view Word documents but also create new Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files. You can open PDF documents and open documents with a security password on them. Another great application you can use with Microsoft Word on your BlackBerry device is the Eoffice application from Dynoplex. There is a free version of this application and a paid version of this application.

Documents To Go for Playbook and Blackberry 10

References 1 DataViz: Resources 2 DataViz: Documents to Go DataViz: Documents to Go for BlackBerry. Accessed 20 February Laverty, Shea. Small Business - Chron. You cannot jump to a specific page, for example, which is kind of a bummer in a page document. Users simply install a desktop file management application and set their preferences.

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DocsToGo will manage folders or individual files. The app will sync with specific folders, as well as a convenient desktop drag-and-drop directory. And synchronization works both ways—you initiate from your computer or from your handheld. But Wi-Fi synchronization also presents an irritating drawback or two.

Your handheld device needs to be on the same Wi-Fi network as your computer. You cannot sync with your desktop or laptop if you have a document open in the app which is, admittedly, a minor complaint. Worst of all: If for some reason you find yourself working somewhere with temperamental or unreliable Wi-Fi as happened to be the case when I was writing this review , you cannot sync your files. There really should be an option to sync when your handheld is tethered to a desktop or laptop.

Documents To Go

Why do so many developers fail to imagine a world—or even a circumstance—without Wi-Fi connectivity? The app is only fully functional with OS 3.

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Only then can you cut, copy and paste across other supported applications and send files with Gmail, Yahoo or other e-mail clients. Bottom line: With document viewers on the iPhone, you have to pick your tool carefully.

Watch Samsung Unveil Its Next Galaxy Smartphones

Unlike older smartphones that really needed a doc viewer, the iPhone itself supports PDF documents, Word and Excel viewing, and image files sent by e-mail and that you find on the Web. Documents to Go with Exchange Attachments goes one step further, giving business professionals a way to not only view e-mail attachments sent over the Microsoft Exchange server—which is commonly used in business—but to edit Microsoft Word files. No Excel: Documents to Go supports Microsoft Exchange attachments for Word editing and doc viewing, but it does not support Excel files.