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In that situation, it's most likely that you'll get a pop-up window asking you to enter your username or password again. If you don't get that pop-up, you may want to remove the email account from your phone and set it up again. Check out the section on how to do that later in this article. One quick way to fix any app that's not working as expected is to quit and relaunch it.

This can solve some problems that cause Mail not to work. To do that, follow these steps:.

Why Am I Not Receiving My Gmail Emails

Double click your iPhone Home button or, on the iPhone X and newer, swipe up from the bottom of the screen. Email accounts on the iPhone can be set to check email on a defined schedule every 30 minutes, for instance or to have mail pushed to your device as soon as it arrives. How you have these settings configured can impact how your email arrives. Review these settings by following these steps:. You can choose this setting for all email accounts set up on your phone on this screen.

To set it for individual accounts, tap an account.

Check the Outbox for unsent emails

The Push slider will cause email to be sent to your iPhone as soon as it arrives on the email server. This only applies to compatible email accounts. To control the schedule for checking email, go to the Fetch section and choose the frequency you want to use to check for new mail. If your Internet connection is good, your settings fine, and you've restarted the Mail app, your next step is one of the most common in all iPhone-troubleshooting tutorials: Believe it or not, restarting an iPhone can solve tons of problems.

Sometimes your phone just needs a fresh start. Another key troubleshooting step is to make sure you have the latest version of the iOS , the operating system that runs the iPhone. Updated versions of the iOS deliver bug fixes and improvements to features. It's possible that the problems with your email are the result of a bug that's fixed with the latest iOS update or that your email provider has changed some settings and only the latest iOS version can help you deal with the change. Support Devices Troubleshoot issues related to email on your Apple iPhone 5.

iPhone 5 sending but not receiving texts - AT&T Community

Troubleshoot issues related to email on your Apple iPhone 5 Last Updated: You may have email issues if you're unable to: Send emails Receive emails Access the data network These steps help identify and resolve the underlying cause. Be sure mobile data is enabled.

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  • Troubleshoot issues related to email on your Apple iPhone 5;

Email requires a data connection to work properly. From the home screen, tap Safari. Try to browse to a web page. If your Apple iPhone 5 is still unable to browse to a web page, troubleshoot data connectivity and then verify email services. Verify that the email address and password are correct. Using Safari, navigate to your email provider's website and try to sign in to your email account.

If you're unable to sign in, double-check that you entered the correct username and password. If you recently updated your email account password, you also have to update the email settings on your Apple iPhone 5.

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  • Troubleshoot issues related to email on your Apple iPhone 5!
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For a personal email address: If you've already set up the email address on your Apple iPhone 5, try removing it from your device to delete any incorrect settings. Anson records, edits, and publishes content for his site, provides technical and business services to clients and is an avid self-learner.

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What to Do When Your iPhone Email Is Not Working

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