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Whether these are used for recreation, keeping in touch, or are part of your job, they need to be protected from theft. If these items are stole, your personal property coverage can help with the cost of replacement. This line of coverage also extends to cover the theft of personal belongings outside of your home; your agent can tell you more details about this coverage and how it functions. Liability protection is important because it provides a financial resource should anyone on your property sustain injury. This includes personal guests as well as pedestrians and passersby.

Accidents can always happen, so it is better to be prepared for this eventuality than to be taken by surprise. Standard homeowner policies cannot address the concerns that arise from transporting a manufactured home from the build site to its final location. A mobile home policy can! Trip collision coverage insures your home even during transport from the factory. This gives you peace of mind to know that your home is protected from the very start of its life. The road can be a dangerous place for anyone and there are many potential risks that face a manufactured home during transportation.

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People who own expensive jewelry, furs, watches, and other specialty items may find that the general protection of a standard policy does not provide adequate coverage. In this case, homeowners may opt for a form of extended coverage. Increasing the coverage limit is an especially good idea for people who work from home and use important items like specialized computer equipment or power tools.

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Although only a specific variety of career pursuits are applicable for this particular kind of policy, people like school teachers and clerical workers can find this line of coverage very helpful. Speak with your insurance agent to learn more about business pursuits coverage and how this might apply to your personal circumstances. Finally, identity restoration coverage is another helpful line that can be added to a standard mobile home insurance policy.

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This provides protection and support in case your identity is ever stolen. This is an unfortunately common crime that affects millions of people each year; identity theft can have serious consequences for the victim.

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You deserve the support that only insurance can provide; consider adding this line of coverage to your standard policy. Bolt Insurance helps people just like you experience a higher degree of protection thanks to our comprehensive policies.

We have designed policies especially for mobile home owners. You can get mobile home insurance quotes online or by calling a Bolt agent.

Find Mobile Home Insurance Savings in North Carolina | Trusted Choice

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Mobile Home Insurance

Golf Course. Zip Code. Select a product Currently selected product. Coverage that's specific to your home Manufactured home insurance is similar to homeowners insurance , but instead you get specialized protection for your factory built home.

Yanceyville, Roxboro, NC. Mobile / Manufactured Home Insurance

Start with the basics Get coverage for your mobile home including additions such as porches and carports to detached structures like gazebos and garages. Save More with Snapshot.

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