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It had linked inboxes, the ability to pin tiles, supported multi-file upload limited to images, unfortunately and was overall a pretty well thought out experience for a mobile experience. However, once Windows Phone launched, times changed. People wanted swipe gestures and snooze functionality and replying to emails with documents and other attachments and Microsoft did not deliver, at least until Windows The new Mail and Calendar apps on Windows 10 are powerful. The new Windows 10 Outlook client now handles mail and calendar differently in an attempt to meet modern expectations.

It is now a powerful app that no longer gets in the way of your email management. The app now comes with an intuitive design, letting go of the old pivots of Windows Phone in favour of a more standardised menu bar and drop down the pane.

You can now swipe to dismiss flag, archive, delete or move emails with a user configurable simple gesture either to the left or to the right. In Windows 10 the built-in mail app finally joins the modern mobile word and allows users to attach arbitrary documents using the share contract which opens either File explorer, photos, OneDrive, Dropbox or any other app that registers itself as a target. However, I am hesitant to fully compliment the Outlook app on its new features.

It often has issues rendering emails properly, perhaps due to its use of the word engine. I have often times received emails that would look just fine if I chose to view them on Edge, but otherwise would appear to be wonky or off kilter if I used the native email viewer to view them. The new universal Skype experience is missing some much needed features. While many people use legacy SMS and telephone systems, these apps are getting used less and less as people transfer to data-based systems.

You can now call someone directly from the phone app on Skype and transition to a video call at the tap of a button.

  1. Windows phone pros and cons – The ultimate experience;
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The Skype apps are unable to send images, files, mojis, location, drawings, voice messages, and video messages. It is quite baffling that Windows Phone still has no full-featured Skype app despite being under the same company that owns Skype but the Skype team promise that at some point in the indeterminate future, we will have these apps. I can only hope that someone at Microsoft is running out of patience with their shenanigans.

Strangely enough, for an app named as such, it does not categorize your films and TV shows into appropriate sections. While this is bad for people who have massive movie collections, it must be acknowledged that many people now stream their media from Netflix or Hulu. This does not completely excuse the app from its lack of organization or integration with OneDrive, just an acknowledgment of the thinking that probably shaped the development of the app.

Microsoft Groove Music is the second half of the media equation. It is far better than the Xbox Music app on Windows Phone 8. The new app is fast, fluid and nice to look at. As far as features go, Groove Music is a full featured app that plays most music formats including FLAC files, incorporates gapless playback, and has a radio for auto-generated playlists by the artist. Microsoft includes a new Photos app in Windows 10 Mobile.

Windows 10 Mobile review: Better than 8, less than a perfect 10 - MSPoweruser

The new Photos app is interesting. It is far more full featured than the Windows Phone 8. It does auto-enhancing, allows you to print and share photos. The OneDrive integration is done more elegantly than in 8. Here photos simply appear in the library from your OneDrive account similar to how placeholder files worked in Windows 8. The app also allows you to create and share photo albums from the albums section as well as navigate your OneDrive library for media You can even play movies stored on OneDrive using the photos app.

The new Windows camera and maps apps are well designed powerful apps that do exactly what they say on the tin. Maps allows you to download and navigate offline using transit, walking or vehicles with frequent updates to improve features. The camera takes the broad feature set of Lumia Camera and adds in a few tricks like shareable living images, slow motion video for high-end Lumias and auto-HDR. Microsoft has also shipped a few new apps in Windows 10 that help improve the experience for first-time users and veterans alike.

A file manager and timer app have been requested on Windows Phone UserVoice for a long time now, so Microsoft finally bringing File Explorer to Windows Phone replacing the Files app is a good thing for many users.

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  • Should I buy a Windows Phone?;
  • Outside of the built-in app experience of Windows 10, Microsoft also made some changes to Cortana and how she works on Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile. What this means is that the Cortana backend service has been tested and localized for each of those regions, as, for Cortana herself, she seems to have gotten a bit weaker.

    In Windows Phone 8. In Windows 10, searching with Cortana simply opens up a web view of the Bing search results page, which is inferior to the prior implementation, I understand that Microsoft would need to be able to update the web content dynamically, but I wonder if they could have at least created a custom UI for Edge and Windows 10 Mobile to mimic much of the prior functionality. Edge is powerful enough, but that may not be enough for power users.

    The Pros & Cons of the major mobile operating systems

    The app experience itself is OK. It works nicely sometimes, and on a few fairly light websites it seems to choke and go berserk. Right now, you get a powerful web-browser, reading list, a reading views and syncing with Windows 10 PCS. The OS has gone from being all about the mobile experience to being all about the mobile experience of a PC. As a result of a shift in strategies and focus of a one Windows for all, Windows 10 Mobile has taken a hit in performance and battery life. Microsoft knows this, and they will be addressing this in builds being pushed out over the next few months, but until, then devices which are weaker may struggle a bit with Windows 10 Mobile as far as performance and battery life go.

    Windows 10 Mobile is better than 8, but not quite a Windows 10 Mobile overall is a good update, but it is still beset with the issues of the previous OS. The app gap remains every so wide as spectres of Snapchat, YikYak and other apps beckon over to dissatisfied users. This looks set to change soon. Microsoft has made a good start with Windows 10, now all they need to work on is sanding out the rough edges. Review originally scored in at 8. The Breakdown. Design 8.

    Windows Phone Operating System Introduction

    Tweet Share 0. Of course, app analogs from Microsoft cannot replace the entire ecosystem of Android, but they can make the user experience less painful. Speaking of things that can make your life less painful when it comes to studies, you may want to check out EduBirdie if you need some help with writing your term paper.

    Windows phone pros and cons – The ultimate experience

    The experience of users using microsoft phone shows that their devices still work fast though it depends on the particular device and whether it is a flagship or not. The smoothness of the interface, the speed of running apps, switching between open windows, performing other operations occur just fine. This has something to do with the source code and a reliable system of protection. In addition, Microsoft says almost nothing about its plans to return to the mobile market. In January , Microsoft announced that it would no longer release test updates for the windows 10 mobile os.

    Previously, the company admitted that the platform would no longer receive new features and the autumn update of Fall Creators Update would become the last major update for smartphones running on the OS. One of the latest devices on this platform was the HP Elite X3 mobile phone, announced in February The software giant stopped supporting mobile push notifications for smartphones running on OS 7.

    The is due to the fact that the support period for older operating systems has come to an end. For Windows Phone 8. In conclusion, it is safe to say that Windows Phone is dead as of and those users who still have windows mobile phone should consider selling it. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

    Should I buy a Windows Phone? Weighing up the pros and cons

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